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FCC Plans $7.62 Million Fine Against Optic Internet Protocol for Illegally Billing and Switching Customers' Phone Companies

The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine Optic Internet Protocol, a Roswell (GA) telephone company, $7.62 million for allegedly switching consumers’ long distance telephone services without their authorization (“slamming”), billing cust

FCC Chairman Wheeler Announces Universal Service Fund Strike Force

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the creation of a Universal Service Fund (USF) Strike Force -- housed in the agency’s Enforcement Bureau -- dedicated to combatting waste, fraud, and abuse in Commission funding prog

FCC Launches Rural Broadband Expansion Experiments

The Federal Communications Commission launched experiments to explore how robust broadband can be expanded at lower cost in rural America.

Policies on Mobile Spectrum Holdings and Expanding Economic and Innovation Opportunities of Spectrum Through Incentive Auctions

The Federal Communications Commission has updated its initial screen for review of spectrum acquisitions through secondary markets and makes determinations regarding whether to establish mobile spectrum holding limits for its upcoming auctions of

Radio Experimentation and Market Trials -- Streamlining Rules

The Federal Communications Commission announces that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved, for a period of three years, the information collection requirements contained in the regulations in the .

Subcommittees to Explore How Advances in Communications and Technology Can Inform 21st Century Cure

The Subcommittees on Communications and Technology and Health, chaired by Reps Greg Walden (R-OR) and Joe Pitts (R-PA), respectively, have scheduled a joint hearing for July 17, 2014.

Higher education, library groups release net neutrality principles

Today, higher education and library organizations representing thousands of colleges, universities, and libraries nationwide released a joint set of Net Neutrality Principles they recommend form the basis of an upcoming Federal Communications Comm

FCC Holding Workshop On Accessibility And Social Media

The Federal Communications Commission 's Accessibility and Innovation Initiative will host a public event, "Accessing Social Media," on July 17, 2014, at FCC Headquarters, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington (DC).

ALA, public libraries to measure Internet speeds, add to E-rate record

The American Library Association (ALA) and the Information Policy & Access Center (iPAC) at the University of Maryland College Park will gauge the quality of public access to the Internet in our nation’s public libraries in the summer of 2014.

NTCA Unveils New Ad Campaign Touting Rural Broadband Providers’ Community-Based Solutions

NTCA -- The Rural Broadband Association has unveiled a new advertising campaign touting rural telecommunications providers’ long and successful history of solving the challenges of distance and density in deploying networks and delivering quality,