Kim Hart

Axios Poll: Public wants Big Tech regulated

A majority of Americans are now concerned that the government won't do enough to regulate how US technology companies operate, according to an Axios-SurveyMonkey poll.

Comcast-NBC merger conditions expire, raising anti-competitive fears

Major conditions imposed by regulators as part of Comcast's merger with NBCUniversal expired Jan 20, renewing debate over AT&T's takeover of Time Warner that the Justice Department is trying to block. When approving the merger in 2011, the Jus

Net neutrality complaints rise amid FCC repeal

Internet users are complaining more about net neutrality-related issues since the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the existing net neutrality rules earlier this month, according to the FCC's consumer complaint data.

Congress passes bill to make government websites mobile-phone friendly

Both chambers of Congress have passed a bill, the Connected Government Act, that will mandate federal websites to be mobile friendly, an effort to ensure people will be able to access the websites and the services made available through them on mo

The coming trade war over data

Technology companies are facing growing international obstacles affecting how their most valuable asset — data — flows across borders.

America wakes up to the dark side of the internet

For decades, the internet has been seen by most Americans as a democratizing force that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

​Washington feeds uncertainty in a changing media landscape

One after another, regulators are making moves that underscore just how fast the media industry is changing, putting pressure on Washington to make sure laws keep up.

FTC Commissioner McSweeny: Unwinding net neutrality favors "gatekeepers"

A Q&A with Commissioner Terrell McSweeny of the Federal Trade Commission.

Trump renominates FCC Chairman Pai to another term

President Donald Trump has renominated Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to another term at the agency.