Joseph Marks

A Homeland Security Department advisory group wants to help emergency responders control the social media conversation

State and federal emergency responders should have plans ready to go to counter rumors, misinformation and fake news in the wake of disasters, according to a new white paper from a Homeland Security Department advisory group.

Here's A Way To Boost Congress' Tech Savvy

Congress should legislate on technology like it’s 1995, according to a policy paper from R Street Institute, a right-leaning think tank. Specifically, Congress should reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment, an internal research organization

Democratic Reps wants to commit $400 million to secure future elections from hackers

A panel of Democratic Reps wants to commit $400 million to secure future elections from hackers.

What President Trump's Skinny Budget Says About Cybersecurity

President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget blueprint touts major investments in cybersecurity, including a $61 million hike to help the FBI and the Justice Department combat criminals and terrorists’ use of encrypted communication tools.

WH Names Cyber Adviser to Economic Council

A former technology counsel for the House Commerce Committee will be heading up technology and cybersecurity policy for the National Economic Council, the White House announced.

The Knowns and Unknowns of Trump's Cyber Plan

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation’s 45th president Jan 20 with cybersecurity looming larger than it has for any of his predecessors—and with many unknowns about how he’ll tackle the issue.

Trump Administration Highlights Offensive Cyber in First Moment

President Donald Trump’s administration Jan 20 highlighted offensive cyber actions among its first digital messages to the American people.

President Obama's Cyber Legacy

The Obama Administration made an unprecedented all-fronts effort to secure cyberspace. So, why are we less secure?

Police Use of Phony Cellphone Towers Needs to be Reined In, Lawmakers warn

Congress should pass legislation to ensure that phony cellphone towers police use to locate criminals and fugitives are used consistently across the country, according to a bipartisan congressional report released Dec 19.

President-elect Trump Appoints Legislative Cyber Leaders to Transition Team

President-elect Donald Trump named a trio of congressional cyber leaders to his transition team, including House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA).