Jon Brodkin

Commissioners Pai, O'Rielly vow to gut network neutrality rules “as soon as possible”

The Federal Communications Commission's two Republican members, Commissioners Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly, told Internet service providers that they will get to work on gutting network neutrality rules "as soon as possible."

AT&T and Verizon try to fend off net neutrality case before Trump takes over

AT&T and Verizon on Dec 16 urged the Federal Communications Commission to drop a network neutrality investigation into the companies' practice of exempting their own video from mobile data caps while charging competitors for the same exemption

Chairman Wheeler says being a lobbyist was easy—being FCC chairman was hard

Tom Wheeler was sworn in to the Federal Communications Commission in November 2013, and he knew the industry well because he was a former lobbyist.

Nashville fights Comcast lawsuit over rules that help Google Fiber

The Nashville (TN) metro government wants a court to throw out a Comcast lawsuit that seeks to overturn rules designed to speed up deployment of Google Fiber.

President-elect Trump’s latest FCC advisor opposes Title II, supports data cap exemptions

President-elect Donald Trump announced a third advisor to oversee the Federal Communications Commission's transition from Democratic to Republican control.

When a city has gigabit Internet, prices for slower speed tiers drop

The mere presence of gigabit Internet speeds in a metro area drives down the price of plans with slower speeds, according to new industry-funded research.

Chairman Wheeler urges President-elect Trump to protect consumers, not corporations

As Republicans prepare to take over the Federal Communications Commission, outgoing Chairman Tom Wheeler defended his Democratic majority’s decisions and said he hopes the FCC will continue to protect consumers under President Donald Trump.

FCC abides by GOP request, deletes everything from meeting agenda

The Federal Communications Commission has deleted every major item from the agenda of its Nov 2016 meeting, apparently submitting to a request from GOP leaders to halt major rulemakings until President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated as Presiden

Comcast suspends data caps—but only in Maine

Comcast has decided to stop enforcing data caps and overage fees in Maine and signaled that states in the company's northeast region will remain cap-free, at least for now.

Trump’s FCC: Tom Wheeler to be replaced, set-top box reform could be dead

Tom Wheeler’s time as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is nearing an end now that Republican Donald Trump has won the presidency.