Jon Brodkin

1 million NYC homes can’t get Verizon FiOS, so the city just sued Verizon

New York City filed a lawsuit against Verizon. The city claims Verizon failed to complete a citywide fiber rollout by 2014 as required in its cable franchise agreement. Verizon disputes the city's allegations.

Net neutrality hurts health care and helps adult content, Sen Johnson claims

Republican Sens March 8 claimed that network neutrality rules are hurting broadband network investment and urged Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to overturn them.

After escaping net neutrality probe, Verizon expands data cap exemptions

Just a few weeks after escaping a network neutrality investigation into data cap exemptions, Verizon has decided to let its FiOS mobile video stream on its wireless network without counting against data caps.

Under Ajit Pai’s FCC, mobile ISPs can charge tolls to bypass data caps

The Federal Communications Commission recently gave mobile carriers the green light to expand zero-rating, a method of favoring online content by exempting it from data caps.

FCC head Ajit Pai: You can thank me for carriers’ new unlimited data plans

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said his "light-touch" approach to regulation is already helping consumers in the form of unlimited smartphone data plans from major US carriers.

Google Fiber makes expansion plans for $60 wireless gigabit service

Google Fiber's new wireless Internet division is apparently ready to expand.

ISPs ask lawmakers to kill privacy rules, and they’re happily obliging

Republican Sens are reportedly preparing a legislative move to overturn privacy rules that require Internet service providers to protect their customers' online data.

AT&T lights up gigabit fiber in five new metro areas

AT&T is bringing fiber-to-the-home Internet to five new metro areas this month, boosting its fiber total to 51 metro areas in the US.

“Broadband death star bill” blown up by municipal Internet advocates

The "Virginia Broadband Deployment Act" that would have made it far more difficult for municipalities to offer Internet service has been dramatically watered down after running into heavy opposition.

Not so fast—Comcast told to stop claiming it has “fastest Internet”

Comcast should stop saying in advertisements that it “delivers the fastest Internet in America” and the “fastest in-home Wi-Fi," according to the advertising industry's self-regulation body.