Jon Brodkin

After beating cable lobby, Colorado city moves ahead with muni broadband

The city council in Fort Collins (CO) on Jan 2 voted to move ahead with a municipal fiber broadband network providing gigabit speeds, two months after the cable industry failed to stop the project.

Ajit Pai’s FCC is still editing the net neutrality repeal order

The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal network neutrality rules on December 14, but the FCC is still making edits to the repeal order and hasn't released the final version.

Charter promises Internet service to family—then says it’ll cost $16,000

When Chad Pierce and his family bought a new house this year, they made sure of one thing: that getting Internet service wouldn't be a problem.

FCC explains how net neutrality will be protected without net neutrality rules

The Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission released a draft memorandum of understanding (MOU) describing how the agencies will work together to make sure ISPs keep their network neutrality promises. 

ISP disclosures about data caps and fees eliminated by net neutrality repeal

Hidden fees that show up on broadband bills after customers sign up for service have long been a source of frustration for Internet users.

Net neutrality protests start Dec 7—how to find one near you

Network neutrality supporters plan a nationwide series of protests starting Dec 7 outside Verizon stores, where they will express their opposition to the pending repeal of net neutrality rules.

50,000 net neutrality complaints were excluded from FCC’s repeal docket

The Federal Communications Commission docket for its repeal of network neutrality rules is missing something: more than 50,000 complaints that Internet customers have filed against their Internet service providers since the rules took effect in 20

NHMC asks why FCC is hiding ISPs’ answers to net neutrality complaints

While the Federal Communications Commission said it has 18,000 carrier responses to network neutrality complaints, the National Hispanic Media Coalition says it has only received 823 pages worth. 

Charter brags about big speed boost—after saying Title II stalled investment

Charter Communications is really excited to tell you about all its new broadband network investments. "Increasing Flagship Broadband Speeds; Giving Customers More For Less," is the title of the company's latest announcement on this topic.

AT&T wants you to forget that it blocked FaceTime over cellular in 2012

AT&T recently said  the company has never blocked third-party applications and that it won't do so even after the rules are gone.