Jon Brodkin

After “lewd acts,” NYC’s free Internet kiosks disable Web browsing

The operators of free Internet kiosks in New York City plan to disable Web browsing on publicly available tablets after reports of "lewd acts," such as people watching porn and masturbating.

Google Fiber hits North Carolina Research Triangle, its 8th metro area, despite rumors of layoffs

Google Fiber is about to start connecting homes and businesses in the North Carolina Research Triangle, despite rumors of layoffs and disappointing subscriber totals. The Triangle is Google Fiber's 8th metro area.

Verizon exempts its own NFL video app from mobile data caps

Verizon Wireless's "FreeBee" program that exempts online services from data caps is proving to be pretty popular, at least among services that are either owned by Verizon or affiliated with the company.

AT&T, owner of DirecTV, exempts DirecTV from mobile data caps

AT&T is now exempting DirecTV streaming video from data caps on AT&T's mobile Internet service. AT&T purchased DirecTV in July 2015 and on Sept 7 pushed an update to the DirecTV iPhone app to implement the data cap exemption.

FCC admits defeat in municipal broadband, won’t appeal court loss

The Federal Communications Commission has decided not to appeal a court decision that allows states to impose laws restricting the growth of municipal broadband.

T-Mobile quadruples tethering speed on “unlimited” plan—to 512kbps

The new $70-per-month "unlimited data" plans announced by T-Mobile USA in August came with some big limits.

Comcast’s $70 gigabit deal is shockingly difficult to sign up for

When Comcast brought its gigabit download cable service to Chicago (IL) recently, there was plenty of confusion about the price.

EFF accuses T-Mobile of violating network neutrality with throttled video

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) accused T-Mobile USA of violating network neutrality principles with a new "unlimited" data plan that throttles video.

States win the right to limit municipal broadband, beating FCC in court

The Federal Communications Commission has lost in an attempt to preempt state laws that restrict the growth of municipal broadband networks.

US broadband: Still no ISP choice for many, especially at higher speeds

The latest Federal Communications Commission statistics show that Americans still have little choice of high-speed broadband providers.