Jon Brodkin

Google Fiber stalls in Nashville in fight over utility poles

Google Fiber started examining Nashville (TN) for a possible deployment more than two and a half years ago, it confirmed plans to build in January 2015, and it started serving a few apartment and condominium buildings in the city in April of 2016.

Verizon talking to cities about fiber expansion after years of stagnation

As Verizon plans a fiber expansion in Boston (MA), CEO Lowell McAdam said the company is talking to other cities about potentially building fiber networks.

Netflix’s cable box deal with Comcast won’t exempt it from data caps

Netflix and Comcast will be available on the same cable box later in 2016, but Netflix video will still count against Comcast data caps.

Verizon to disconnect unlimited data customers who use over 100GB/month

Verizon Wireless customers who have held on to unlimited data plans and use significantly more than 100GB a month will be disconnected from the network on August 31 unless they agree to move to limited data packages that require payment of overage

Verizon creates monthly “maintenance” fee for customers with old routers

Verizon FiOS customers using one of the company's older routers are being told they must pay a new monthly "maintenance charge" of $2.80 to cover the cost of supporting the apparently outdated equipment.

FCC will let jails charge inmates more for phone calls

The Federal Communications Commission is trying once again to limit the prices prisoners and their families pay for phone calls, proposing a new, higher set of caps in response to the commission's latest court loss.

Comcast joins top mobile carriers in 600MHz spectrum auction

Comcast is getting ready to bid on spectrum as it prepares a move into the mobile broadband business.

Robocall-killing database should be created by industry, senators say

Sens John Thune (R-SD) and Ed Markey (D-MA) are urging the mobile phone industry to fight robocalls and texts by creating a database of phone numbers that have been reassigned from one customer to another.

Comcast tells government that its data caps aren’t actually “data caps”

“Comcast does not have ‘data caps’ today,” the company wrote in a filing with the New York Public Service Commission on its proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

Comcast donations help company secure support of Time Warner Cable merger

Comcast has support for its acquisition of Time Warner Cable, much of it from politicians and organizations that benefit from its political and charitable donations.