John Horrigan

Digital Inclusion and Equity: Why Now

[Commentary] Why are we talking about digital inclusion and equity now in a way that is different from, say, eight years ago?

Experimentation is the Watchword as Communities Seek to Close Adoption Gaps

For many low-income Americans, internet connectivity is a struggle.

Americans have mixed views on policies encouraging broadband adoption

As the Federal Communications Commission continues to address broadband infrastructure and access, Americans have mixed views on two policies designed to encourage broadband adoption.

Information Overload

Since the 1970s, the term “information overload” has captured society’s anxiety about the growth in the production of information having potentially bad consequences for people as they struggle to cope with seemingly constant streams of messages a

Smartphones help those without broadband get online, but don’t necessarily bridge the digital divide

Courts and regulators have increasingly seen high-speed Internet as a public utility that is as essential to Americans as electricity and water.

Digital Readiness Gaps

For many years concerns about “digital divides” centered primarily on whether people had access to digital technologies.

Trends in visiting public libraries have steadied, and many Americans have high expectations for what their local libraries should offer

Most Americans view public libraries as important parts of their communities, with a majority reporting that libraries have the resources they need and play at least some role in helping them decide what information they can trust.

Digital Readiness: Nearly one-third of Americans lack the skills to use next-generation “Internet of things” applications

Accelerating technological change is placing a new premium on people’s abilities to navigate the digital landscape.

Road map to prevent road kill on information superhighway

[Commentary] Too many Americans are not online and, as a nation, we must do more to make sure all of us can take advantage of the digital world.