John Eggerton

Telecoms Praise Incentive Auction Framework

Broadcasters were crying foul at the Federal Communications Commission's incentive auction report and order, but telecom carriers were praising the move.

FCC Acts Against Stations For Kids TV Violations

The Federal Communications Commission's Media Bureau has proposed fining three TV stations a total of $22,000 and admonishing (warning) a fourth for violations of various FCC children's TV ad limits and programming reporting rules.

Writers Guild: It's Time for Tougher Net Regs

The Writers Guild of America West, which was already on the record supporting a Title II approach to new network neutrality regs added its voice to those concerned about Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's preference for an ap

Dozens of House Dems Back Title II

Three dozen Democratic members of Congress have asked Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to use Title II authority to protect Internet openness.

Quartet of Senators Warn Against Limiting Auction Bidders

On the eve of the Federal Communications Commission's vote on incentive auction rules, a pair of senators from each party asked FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to reconsider auction rules that "will limit participation by certain carriers in many markets

Cisco Chairman Advises Against Title II

Cisco Chairman John Chambers has told Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler the company "strongly supports" his approach to reinstating open Internet rules.

Some GOP Sens Advise Wheeler to Delay Open Internet Vote

A trio of Republican senators, all members of the Commerce Committee that oversees the Federal Communications Commission, has suggested the FCC may want to delay its vote on a draft of new network neutrality rules, which at press time was schedule

DOJ Reiterates Support for Low-Band Auction Rules

The Federal Communications Commission appears to be lining up its ducks on spectrum auction aggregation limits even as it ducks criticism from AT&T, Verizon and others that they could adversely impact the broadcast incentive auction.

No Spectrum = No Net to Auction

The Expanding Opportunities for Broadcasters coalition held its own protest/photo op outside Federal Communications Commission headquarters in Washington, but the issue was spectrum auctions rather than network neutrality.

NCTA: No Justification for Title II

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association told the Federal Communications Commission that while it could live with new network neutrality rules, it could not do so if they were tied to Title II classification of Internet access.