John Eggerton

Tennis Channel Asks FCC to Review Carriage Call

Having exhausted its court appeal options, the Tennis Channel wants the Federal Communications Commission to take another crack at justifying its decision that Comcast discriminated against Tennis Channel in favor of its own, co-owned sports netwo

TiVo to Congress: Leave Integrated Set-Top Ban Alone

Saying the National Cable & Telecommunications Association is trying to "freeze out" retail competition, TiVo SVP Matthew Zinn plans to tell Congress that it should not allow a provision in the STELA bill that would "undermine the retail marke

NCTA to Congress: Prune Outdated Set-Top Integration Ban

Previewing a likely square-off with TiVo in the March 12 Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA) hearing, National Cable & Telecommunications Association president Michael Powell plans to tell the House Communications Subcommit

Free Press to Hill: Drop JSA, CableCard Provisions Out of STELA

Free Press is advising the House Communications Subcommittee to drop a provision in a Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA) draft that would prevent the Federal Communications Commission from making immediate changes to TV statio

NAB Praises STELA Move to Foreclose FCC JSA Limit

The National Association of Broadcasters still questions the need to reauthorize the satellite distant signal blanket license given that local TV stations are being delivered by satellite companies "in nearly every DMA [designated market area] and

DirecTV to Hill: STELA Bill Draft Is Step in Right Direction

DirecTV says it likes the way the House Communications Subcommittee draft of the Satellite Television Extension and Loclism Act (STELA) is shaping up.

Sen Franken Says He is Against Comcast/TWC ‘Right Now’

Sen Al Franken (D-MN) continues to hammer the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal in very public venues, including telling CBS that he has gotten 60,000 responses to an e-mail soliciting input on Comcast cable service and the news for Comcast

House Dems: GAO Study Demonstrates Success of Broadband Stimulus

House Commerce Committee Democrats were celebrating a new Government Accountability Office study that they say demonstrates the success of the government's various broadband stimulus programs boosting federally funded networks, including municipal

Comcast Makes TWC Case at FCC

Comcast execs led by executive VP David Cohen pitched the Time Warner Cable deal to Federal Communications Commissioners. Their take, according to one pitchee, boiled down to no harm, no foul in three key areas:

Dish, DirecTV Back STELA Draft

Dish and DirecTV compete fiercely for subs, but they are together in their support for reauthorizing the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act (STELA) draft issued by the Republican leadership of the House Communications Subcommittee.