John Eggerton

Sources: July FCC Vote Expected On IP Clip Captioning

Broadcasters and cable operators may be battling over retransmission consent, but they are on the same side when it comes to closed captioning online clips of shows originally aired on TV.

Internet Tax Freedom Act Gets Bipartisan Push

Legislators from both parties and both houses of Congress are calling on House Leadership to bring the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) to the floor for a vote, and Senate leaders to pass a bill as well.

Bulk Collection Foes Pan USA Freedom Act

More than three dozen groups opposing bulk data collection have told the Senate it needs to strengthen the USA Freedom Act that passed the House in May.

STELA Markup Held Over

The Senate's markup of the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act will have to wait for another day. It was scheduled to be marked up on June 19, but was held over at the request of a Republican, according to a committee spokesperson.

NCTA: FCC Report Shows ISPs Delivering On Speed Promises

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association said that the Federal Communications Commission's latest broadband speed test -- conducted in cooperation with major Internet service providers (ISPs)/NCTA members," helps to refute the unsub

E-mail privacy act has votes to pass House

According to legislators and others, a bill protecting e-mail privacy has enough votes to pass in the House if it is brought up for a vote.

Permanent Ban on ISP Tax Passes House Judiciary

The House Judiciary Committee has approved a bill that would make permanent the moratorium on Internet access taxes and multiple discriminatory online taxes.

House Judiciary To Mark Up Internet Tax Freedom Bill

The House Judiciary Committee on June 18 is marking up the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. As its name suggests, the bill would permanently extend a ban on local and state Internet taxes that dates from 1998.

Paid Priority Banning Bill Draws a Crowd

Computer companies and others were quick to praise a congressional effort to ban paid prioritization, while cable operators suggested the Federal Communications Commission had it under control.

NFL, NAB Team To Defend Sports Blackout Rule

The National Football League, with the support of CBS, Fox and the National Association of Broadcasters, has launched a Web site,, to push back against the Federal Communications Commission's proposal to drop its sports