John Eggerton

T-Mobile Challenges FCC Incentive Auction Proposal

T-Mobile has asked the Federal Communications Commission to reserve more low-band spectrum for companies competing with Verizon and AT&T for wireless spectrum in the upcoming broadcast incentive auction, arguing that the current system does no

Choice Words For Local Choice

Some veteran fans of a la carte and retransmission reform are getting behind "Local Choice," a Senate Commerce Committee proposal to allow multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) subscribers to decide which TV stations they want to inclu

FCC's Pai Teams With Rep Latta On Rural Roundtable

Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai will be joining House Communications Subcommittee member Rep Bob Latta (R-OH) during the latter's August visits back in the district. Retrans Proposal Misses Mark

Broadcasters represented by aren't liking what they see in the retransmission consent revamp floated by the leadership of the Senate Commerce Committee.

Rep Walden: FCC's O'Rielly is Spot On

House Communications Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) praised Republican Federal Communications Commissioner Michael O'Rielly's call for publishing the text of FCC proposals before they are voted.

FCC Chairman Wheeler Seeks Management Info From Other Wireless Carriers

Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler sent letters to wireless carriers AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile asking about their network management practices, what is reasonable management, and expressing concerns similar to those in a letter he sen

ACA Asks FCC to Prohibit Some Affiliation Switch, Multicast Moves

The American Cable Association wants the Federal Communications Commission to prevent television stations from swapping affiliations in a market so that one station owner programs two of the Top Four networks and to disallow a Top Four network-pro

WGAW to FCC: Keep Ownership Rules

TV writers appear happy with the Federal Communications Commission's long-running script for broadcast station owners, which is to limit ownership and crossownership.

Analyst: No Sprint/T-Mobile Deal Helps Comcast/TWC, FCC

Bernstein Research says that if T-Mobile and Sprint drop their merger plans, as expected, it will benefit other potential merger partners Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV, as well as the Federal Communications Commission, the regulat

FCC Sec. 706 NOI Draws Advocacy Group Praise

The Federal Communications Commission's signal in a Notice of Inquiry that its latest Sec.