John Eggerton

CenturyLink Files Level 3 Merger With FCC

CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications have filed their merger (license transfer) applications with the Federal Communications Commission and their pre-merger notification to the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department.

Music Groups to President-elect Trump: Computer Companies Can Do Better

In advance of President-elect Donald Trump's planned meeting with computer/tech company leaders Dec 14, music licensing organizations, unions and others whose livelihoods depend on getting compensated for their content, called on Trump to press up

House Commerce Committee Ranking Member Pallone Praises Commissioner Rosenworcel

House Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone (D-NJ) slammed Republicans Dec 12 for not voting on the re-confirmation of Federal Communications Commission Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

Reporters Without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists: Turkey Leads in Detaining Journalists

Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists released dueling reports, with different totals, on journalists in captivity, but the bottom line was the same: the numbers are on the rise.

Better Business Bureau's National Advertising Division: Charter Ad on AT&T-DirecTV Was Unsubstantiated

The Better Business Bureau's ad review arm has advised Charter to stop using broadcast ads that make what it says are "unsubstantiated” claims about the impact of the AT&T-DirecTV merger on customer service.

Sen Capito (R-WV): Broadband Should Be Key Trump Infrastructure Priority

In a letter to President-elect Donald Trump, Sen Shelley Capito (R-WV) asked that broadband deployment be a "core component" of Trump's infrastructure plan.

Sens Propose TV Station Relocation Fund

The National Association of Broadcasters is praising a bipartisan effort by a handful of senators to make sure there is enough money to cover the costs of TV station moves after the spectrum auction and that stations can't be forced to meet a movi

FCC Speeds Reverse Auction for Stage Four on Dec 13

The Federal Communications Commission is hoping the fourth time is the charm.

Verizon General Counsel: We Still Support Net Neutrality

Verizon general counsel Craig Silliman says his company supports the principles of network neutrality, but the current fight is about "the jurisdictional hook the [Federal Communications Commission] used to get there." He also says zero rating is

RNC Joins Trump in Media Bashing

The Republican National Committee is getting in on President-elect Donald Trump's media bashing.