John Bowden

President Trump: 30 percent of journalists are 'fine people'

President Donald Trump declared that "about 30 percent" of journalists are good people. Breaking from his prepared remarks at the FBI's National Academy graduation ceremony, President Trump joked that many Americans were watching at home through t

Chairman Pai: Net neutrality supporters 'proven wrong' day after repeal

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said that supporters of net neutrality provisions that were repealed have been proven wrong, as internet users wake up still able to send emails and use Twitter after the regulations were struck

President Trump, back from Asia, knocks ‘loser’ CNN

President Donald Trump bashed CNN upon his return from a 12-day Asia trip, calling it "fake" in an early morning tweet on Nov 15. The president said he was forced to watch the "loser" network it during his stay in the Philippines.

Democratic Senators demand answers over reports DOJ wanted CNN sold

A group of Democratic Sens is demanding answers from the Trump administration over news reports that the Department of Justice asked AT&T to sell CNN as a condition for allowing a merger between AT&T and Time Warner. Senate Judiciary Antit