Joan Engebretson

Biggest Telecom Company CAF II Winner Will Use the $52 Million for Fixed Wireless

Benton Ridge Telephone Company can trace its roots back over 100 years to when it started out as a rural telephone company serving the OH community with the same name.

Sec Perdue Hopes to Have “Solid Plan” by Year-End for $600M USDA Rural Broadband Pilot

Secretary Sonny Perdue didn’t have many new details to share about the upcoming $600 million US Department of Agriculture rural broadband pilot when he addressed stakeholders at a USTelecom event.

Competitive Carriers Association report: AIRWAVES Act Could Yield at Least $1.5 Billion for Rural Wireless

The Competitive Carriers Association report “Assessment of the Economic Impact of The Airwaves Act" estimates that at least $1.5 billion could be raised for rural wireless in upcoming auctions of spectrum in the 24 GHz and 28 GHz bands, with addit

What the Millimeter Wave Auction Bidders List Reveals About Carriers’ Plans for 5G

Three of the nation’s four largest wireless carriers are poised to bid in the upcoming Federal Communications Commission auctions of millimeter wave spectrum, according to a new FCC public notice.

Average Fixed Wireless Speed Used is 3.5 Mbps; Average Subscriber Consumes 167 GB/month

The average fixed wireless speed used in the US and Canada is 3.5 Mbps downstream, according to new research conducted by Preseem, a company that focuses on quality of experience monitoring and optimization for wireless internet service providers

Meet Wisper, the Second Largest Winner at $220 Million in the CAF II Auction

One of the most interesting aspects of the recently-completed Connect America Fund (CAF) II auction is the strong showing by smaller, non-traditional service providers.

FCC Proposes County-Wide CBRS Licenses

The Federal Communications Commission will vote later in Oct on rule changes for the upcoming auction of spectrum in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band.

Telecom Groups Urge FCC to Increase Rural Broadband Focused 2018 USF Budget to At Least $2.4B

Four telecommunication groups have come together to urge the Federal Communications Commission to increase the Universal Service Fund (USF) budget to at least $2.4 billion for 2018 for the high-cost portion of the program.

The CAF II Auction is Over, But Commissioner O'Rielly Adds Confusion As to What Happens Next For Rural Areas That Aren't Covered

With the Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II auction completed, the Federal Communications Commission’s next CAF responsibility will be to establish plans for the CAF remote area auction, which aims to help bring broadband to remote areas not curr

A Deeper Dive on CAF II Winners: The New Carriers of Last Resort

Just over 100 Connect America Fund II auction winners are getting set to deploy broadband service to unserved rural areas for which they won funding. Today we take a deeper dive into the auction results and consider the long-term impact that the C