Joan Engebretson

FCC Proposes $500M Rural Broadband Funding Injection

Federal Communications Commission rural broadband funding could increase by over $500 million if the commission votes to adopt an order circulated by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

President Trump Rural Broadband Initiatives: Where’s the Beef?

President Donald Trump’s address about economic issues facing rural America at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention touched on Trump rural broadband initiatives.

What If, As Rumored, the FCC Broadband Speed Definition is Lowered?

The Federal Communications Commission could vote as soon as Feb or earlier to reduce the speed required for an internet connection to be considered broadband for purposes of the FCC’s annual broadband progress report.

Carriers Urge FCC to Close $110 Million Annual Broadband A-CAM Funding Gap

Letters from rural carriers have been pouring into the Federal Communications Commission to urge the commission to close the broadband Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) funding gap before the end of 2017. It was just about a year ago

Cooperatives Embrace Fiber Broadband: ILSR Finds 87 Cooperative Gigabit Deployments Nationwide

Telecommunications and electric cooperatives are playing an important role in bringing high-speed broadband to rural America, according to a new report from the Community Broadband Networks Initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR

Moffett: Telcos May Get Some Revenge Over Cable in Broadband Wars

In recent years, cable companies have gained broadband market share against the telecommunication companies except in areas where the telcos have upgraded their traditional copper-based network infrastructure to support speeds competitive with the

With Sprint T-Mobile Merger Called Off, What’s Next?

[Commentary] With the Sprint T-Mobile merger called off, what’s next for the wireless carriers? Many saw the merger as the best move for Sprint, which has been struggling in a competitive wireless market.

FirstNet Opt Out: With Accusations Flying, AT&T and FirstNet Respond

As roughly half of US states consider a FirstNet opt out or opt in decision, considerable confusion has arisen about states’ options – confusion resulting, some say, from pressure tactics applied by FirstNet, the government entity created to admin

Microsoft: Africa TV White Spaces Broadband Network is World’s Largest

Microsoft and Adaptrum have partnered with MyDigitalBridge Foundation to conduct a trial of a TV white spaces broadband network in Namibia. It is the world’s largest TVWS deployment measured by geography.

AT&T, T-Mobile Make New Strikes in Wireless Price War

The wireless price war continues. AT&T joined in on the fighting through its Cricket Wireless business, offering customers a $100 bill credit through October 18 for T-Mobile and Sprint customers who port a number to Cricket.