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Justice Department's effort to halt AT&T-Time Warner merger goes to trial as both sides spar over evidence

The high-stakes antitrust showdown over AT&T's planned $85 billion purchase of Time Warner began in a Washington courtroom as both sides sparred over some key issues that signaled their legal strategies.

Net neutrality's repeal means fast lanes could be coming to the internet. Is that a good thing?

Paid prioritization involves a telecommunications company charging an additional fee to transport a video stream or other content at a higher speed through its network. The fee would most likely come from deals struck with websites such as Netflix

Here are the five officials who will decide the controversial changes to net neutrality rules

Here are the five commissioners who will decide the latest round of the net neutrality battle at the Federal Communications Commission’s Dec. 14 meeting.

Are net neutrality supporters wasting their time by filing comments at the FCC?

A warning to the hundreds of thousands of people publicly urging the Federal Communications Commission to keep its tough net neutrality rules: You might be wasting your time.

Net neutrality's long strange trip: a tale of tubes, a dingo and James Harden

It began as an academic subject with a wonky name — network neutrality. But at its heart, the issue was simple: Internet service providers should treat all content equally.

Charter promises President Trump something new ($25-billion investment) and something old (20,000 jobs)

Thomas Rutledge, chief executive of Charter Communications, committed in a meeting with President Donald Trump to invest $25 billion on broadband infrastructure while joining a trend of business leaders touting previously announced job creation at

Surge in media mergers is expected under Trump's pro-business agenda

Media companies are preparing for some whirlwind courtships in what’s expected to be the biggest merger bonanza in years.

President-elect Trump names billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen billionaire financier Wilbur Ross, known as the king of bankruptcy for his investments in distressed properties, to serve as Commerce Secretary.