FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly

Repairing the Must Vote Timing

While I previously proposed fixes to improve the circulation process by making the documents public and addressing what amounts to stale items and those converted to Open Meeting items, we also need to update and improve the process for voting cir

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks at the Future of Internet Freedom Event

After the painful and demoralizing 2015 decision to insert government regulations into the middle of the greatest man-made invention of our time, I was never quite sure that this day would come. The Commission had no enforceable net neutrality rul

Stop the Next Internet Power Grab

[Commentary] The Constitution’s Commerce Clause provides Congress with the power to regulate interstate commerce.

Statement of Commissioner Michael O'Rielly on the Commission's Extensive December Agenda

I thank the Chairman for circulating the items for the December meeting and look forward to reading each one.The time has come to overturn the market disrupting net neutrality and common carrier regulations that sacrificed decades of precedent and

Remarks of Commissioner O'Rielly Before the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

The barriers preventing providers from bringing fixed and wireless broadband throughout our nation have increased despite the existence of this committee. The barriers being imposed are not caused by

Post Text of Meeting Items in Advance

Allowing public access to the draft text of Open Meeting items before a vote is the right thing to do from a good government perspective.

A Closer Look at Net Neutrality

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission has become famous -- or infamous -- for its recent proposal to adopt network neutrality rules.

Most Definitely: Terminate Dormant Proceedings

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB) has released a Public Notice seeking comment on whether to terminate almost 650 dormant proceedings (i.e., dockets that have no planned action and

Joint Statement Of Commissioners Ajit Pai And Michael O’Rielly On Three More TV Stations Going Dark Under The FCC’s New JSA Policy

As a result of the Federal Communications Commission’s crackdown, and after more than 58 years of providing service to Central Nebraska and Northern Kansas, KHAS in Hastings, Nebraska went dark on June 13.

Introducing the Internet to the FCC’s Contest Rule

[Commentary] Have you ever listened to your car radio while you were stuck in traffic and heard a super-fast talker rattle off the rules that apply to a contest for a trip to some sunny destination?