Farhad Manjoo

A Crazy Idea for Funding Local News: Charge People for It

[Commentary] There may be another way to save local news. The plan, for any would-be entrepreneur brave enough to try it, goes like this: Hire some very good journalists; just one or two are O.K. to start.

The Internet Is Dying. Repealing Net Neutrality Hastens That Death.

The internet is dying. Sure, technically, the internet still works. Pull up Facebook on your phone and you will still see your second cousin’s baby pictures. But that isn’t really the internet.

What Reality TV Teaches Us About Russia’s Influence Campaign

The Russians are running a reality show through Facebook and Twitter, and their contestants are all of us. Over the past few days, I reached out to several reality show producers, asking them to compare the Russian digital influence campaign to th

Tech’s Frightful Five: They’ve Got Us

[Commentary] This is the most glaring and underappreciated fact of internet-age capitalism: We are, all of us, in inescapable thrall to one of the handful of American technology companies that now dominate much of the global economy.

Giving the Behemoths a Leg Up on the Little Guy

[Commentary] Every year, the internet gets a little less fair. The corporations that run it get a little bigger, their power grows more concentrated, and a bit of their idealism gives way to ruthless pragmatism.

The Online Ad Industry Is Undergoing Self-Reflection. That’s Good News.

On the one hand, there are some clear problems with how programmatic ads are placed. The industry is rife with complexity. This type of advertising is also quite new, so a lot of the machinery that runs the ad market is still in the works.

How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It

One secret to longevity as a pundit is to issue predictions that can’t be easily checked.

Tech Policy, Too, Is Undergoing a Sea Change

Tech policy has undergone a huge change under President Donald Trump, but it doesn’t seem that a lot of the changes are getting much attention, considering everything else the administration is doing.

The Alt-Majority: How Social Networks Empowered Mass Protests Against Trump

We’re witnessing the stirrings of a national popular movement aimed at defeating the policies of President Donald Trump. It is a movement without official leaders.

Clearing Out the App Stores: Government Censorship Made Easier

There’s a new form of digital censorship sweeping the globe, and it could be the start of something devastating.