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Cantor's shocking loss will be felt in Silicon Valley

[Commentary] The aftershocks of the political earthquake that shook Congress to its core will be felt in Silicon Valley.

Why You Need to Tell the FCC to Save Net Neutrality Now

[Commentary] Telecommunications conglomerates often prevail in debates about the future of media by pretending that the issues are too complicated for Americans to understand.

Now is the time to stand up and defend net neutrality

[Commentary] We don’t usually venture into politics here at GigaOm. Now we are making an exception to that rule because of a grave threat to the very foundation of technology-driven innovation.

Concord should embrace municipal fiber optic network

[Commentary] The online world that most of us have come to depend upon for information, communication, commerce and entertainment is changing in ways that could leave Concord residents paying more for less.

The Dark Side of the Sharing Economy

[Commentary] Proponents of the “sharing economy” say websites like Airbnb that make it easy for people to rent a spare bedroom or an apartment on a short-term basis are a boon to cities like New York and San Francisco because they generate income

The FCC's 'Reasonable' Internet Plan

[Commentary] Imagine if businesses had to go to after every sale so a federal agency could pass judgment on whether the deal is "commercially reasonable."

Heartbleed portends larger security threats

[Commentary] Tens of millions of Americans have been affected by the theft of their personal information in the digital age.

Minnesota would benefit from sizable broadband fund

[Commentary] Dozens of Greater Minnesota residents who have come to the State Capitol this session to plead for help in improving broadband access.