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Lobbyists are winning fight against restoring net neutrality

[Commentary] Anyone doubting the power lobbyists still hold in Washington need only look at the ongoing, shameful net neutrality travesty.  It was bad enough that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, engine

A corrupted public comment process should lead the FCC to delay its upcoming net neutrality vote

[Commentary] Net neutrality shouldn't be a controversial issue.

Why deregulating internet service makes sense

[Commentary] Like all major government efforts to deregulate industries, from telephones to airlines, the Federal Communications Commission’s move to do away with net neutrality is destined to have a major impact.

The FCC Wants to Let Telecoms Cash In on the Internet

[Commentary] The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission wants to let Comcast, Verizon and other broadband companies turn the internet into a latter-day version of cable TV, in which they decide what customers can watch and how much they

President Obama: No Internet Fast Lanes

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission, which could soon allow phone and cable companies to block or interfere with Internet content, has been deluged with more than a million comments.

Keep Planes a Quiet Space

[Commentary] Cellphones have provided humanity with many benefits. They have also enabled the most annoying among us to find new ways to disturb the peace in all sorts of public places, like trains, theaters and restaurants.

Some Choice Words

[Commentary] Senate Commerce Committee staffers are pitching what’s called the Local Choice plan for retransmission consent reform as “an evolution of the existing retransmission consent regime to a simpler approach, designed to put more power in

Carefully move forward on broadband

[Commentary] Thankfully, due to a push-start from the Economic Development Subcommittee, the Missoula (MT) City Council is prepared to take the first steps toward getting a broadband system in place here.

A nutritious news diet

[Commentary] Many people spend a great deal of time thinking about their diets. They try to eat the right foods in the right quantities. Sometimes they may wish they’d made better choices.

Cantor's shocking loss will be felt in Silicon Valley

[Commentary] The aftershocks of the political earthquake that shook Congress to its core will be felt in Silicon Valley.