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New York Gov signs executive order to keep net neutrality rules after the FCC’s repeal

Gov Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said he has signed an executive order that would require internet service providers with state contracts to abide by network neutrality rules, even though the Federal Communications Commission recently voted to repeal those

26 senators are supporting a resolution to undo the FCC’s net neutrality repeal

As of Dec 20, 26 US senators have pledged to vote for a resolution that would overrule the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality repeal through the Congressional Review Act. Senators who have signed on to the resolution now include Ro

18 attorneys general ask the FCC to delay net neutrality repeal vote

In a letter sent to the Federal Communications Commission , 18 attorneys general from around the country called on the agency to delay the Dec 14 vote on a repeal of net neutrality protections.

The FCC's Democratic Commissioners on Net Neutrality Vote: 'We Have a Mess on our Hands'

In separate phone interviews conducted last week, The Verge spoke with Federal Communications Commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcel about this week’s vote, and what happens next.

Anti-net neutrality spammers are impersonating real people to flood FCC comments

Thousands have posted comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s website in response to a proposed rollback of network neutrality internet protections, weighing in on whether and how to defend the open internet.

Billboards target lawmakers who voted to let ISPs sell user information

When Congress voted in March to block Federal Communications Commission privacy rules and let internet service providers sell users’ personal data, it was a coup for the telecommunication industry.

The FCC’s legal battle over prison phones just took a weird turn

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission moved in to cap what many consider to be exorbitant rates for inmate phone calls.

Trump is reportedly still using his unsecured Android phone

President Donald Trump’s long-held Android phone is a security nightmare for a high-level politician, but according to a report from The New York Times, the newly inaugurated president is still using the device.

Trump campaign using targeted Facebook posts to discourage black Americans from voting

While the Trump campaign continues to flounder weeks before Election Day, a new report is providing some inside information on the candidate's strategy, including an unorthodox use of Facebook.

Emails show Google’s close relationship with the White House

The nonprofit group Campaign for Accountability recently launched a project to compile documents about Google's lobbying practices, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.