Cecilia Kang

Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, Yet Big Tech Is Quiet

Protests to preserve network neutrality, or rules that ensure equal access to the internet, migrated online on Dec 12, with numerous online companies posting calls on their sites for action to stop a vote later this week.

Inside the Opposition to a Net Neutrality Repeal

Hundreds of protests were staged across the country on Dec 7 in the latest uproar over a repeal of rules ensuring an open internet.

From the Arctic’s Melting Ice, an Unexpected Digital Hub

The receding ice has opened new passageways for high-speed internet cables. Point Hope, a gravel spit in northwest Alaska, is along one of the new routes. 

Net Neutrality Hits a Nerve, Eliciting Intense Reactions

It usually doesn’t take much to get people on the internet worked up.

Senators Press Tech Executives but Split on Russia’s Role in President Trump’s Win

Senators who called tech giants to Capitol Hill on Nov 1 to answer for their roles in Russia’s election interference differed along party lines over the Kremlin’s role in swaying the race, with Republicans offering an implicit defense of the legit

Tech Executives Are Contrite About Election Meddling, but Make Few Promises on Capitol Hill

Executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared on Capitol Hill for the first time on Oct 31 to publicly acknowledge their role in Russia’s influence on the presidential campaign, but offered little more than promises to do better.

Sen Mark Warner: Tech Millionaire Who Became Tech’s Critic in Congress

This week, Sen Mark Warner (D-VA), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, will push for new answers.

TV Station Owners Rush to Seize on Relaxed FCC Rules

“The [Federal Communications Commission] has basically said: ‘Game on. We’re going to let you consolidate further than anyone had imagined,’” said Richard Greenfield, a media analyst at BTIG.

How Trump’s Pick for Top Antitrust Cop, Makan Delrahim, May Shape Competition

Makan Delrahim, the nominee for chief antitrust cop at the Justice Department, will have his confirmation hearing April 26.

AT&T’s Words on Time Warner Deal Say ‘Underdog.’ Its Actions Speak Otherwise.

In Washington (DC), AT&T has painted itself as an underdog that needs to merge with Time Warner in a blockbuster $85 billion deal to compete with powerful cable companies.