Bruce Kushnick

The Trump-FCC-AT&T-Et Al. Plan: The Insidious “Wheel of Mis-Fortune”

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission et al have created a series of interconnected proposed rules, regulations and actions.

The Corporate Takeover of the Trump-FCC Is in Full Attack Mode.

[Commentary] In every industry we hear horror stories of how the government agencies that are supposed to provide oversight of the companies and protect the public interest have been taken over by the industry.

FCC: I Do Believe We’re on the Eve of Destruction.

[Commentary] On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission held its first official meeting with the new FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai.

Jeffrey Eisenach should be Purged from the FCC Transition Team as a Phone Company Lobbyist

[Commentary] Vice President-elect Mike Pence is supposedly cleaning house of lobbyists who are part of the Trump transition team. We would suggest that Jeffrey Eisenach fits the bill.

What to Expect from the New Trump FCC - A More Polluted Digital Swamp.

[Commentary] President-elect Donald Trump claims that he is going to ‘drain the swamp’ of ‘special interests’. It has not started out well. A recent New York Times article claims, “President-elect Donald J.