Brian Fung

How America’s tech companies could wriggle out of the nation’s consumer protection laws

Companies such as Google and Facebook thrive on your personal data — the bits of information that tell advertisers how old you are, what brands you like and how long you lingered on that must-see cat video.

Most Americans streamed the Olympics from PCs, not mobile devices. Here’s why.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics now a memory, it's time to look back at how Americans took in all that sports coverage.

Google wants to help you vote. Could it affect the election?

One of the things that makes Google so powerful is that the sheer amount of data it gathers makes it possible to understand what the people as a whole are interested in.

‘Wireless fiber’ could give us gigabit Internet speeds with no cables at all

So, you're on the hunt for a new home-Internet provider. The one you like seems to offer fast, reliable service, but its footprint ends just short of where you happen to live — and there aren't many other options in your area.

The copyright case that should worry all Internet providers

Will Internet providers have to start cracking down harder on their own customers for suspected copyright infringement?

Your Internet privacy shouldn’t be a ‘luxury item,’ FCC Chairman Wheeler says

Should your online privacy depend on whether you've paid your Internet provider a little extra this month? That's one of the key policy questions concerning the future of the Web.

Why Amazon is taking aim at cable companies says the cable industry's own proposal for how to shift Americans away from the set-top boxes they currently rent for hundreds of dollars a year is riddled with flaws.

Why some in Silicon Valley don’t like Trump’s VP pick, Mike Pence

Many in the tech industry are already none too pleased with the idea of a President Trump. But Trump's selection of Gov Mike Pence (R-IN) may drive them even further from the Republican ticket.

Guns, butter and broadband: How technology has finally emerged as a viable campaign issue

[Commentary] The New York Times has endorsed Tim Wu, the progressive candidate for New York lieutenant governor, in its editorial pages.

Why the economics of the Internet look totally different in North America

[Commentary] The interconnection market might be complicated and opaque to most of us, but it's a vital part of our Internet experience.