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The FCC is stopping 9 companies from providing federally subsidized Internet to the poor

The Federal Communications Commission is telling nine companies they won't be allowed to participate in a federal program meant to help them provide affordable Internet access to low-income consumers — weeks after those companies had been given th

What Chairman Pai thinks about net neutrality

Is Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai for or against network neutrality?

President Trump taps net neutrality critic Ajit Pai to lead the FCC

President Trump has named Ajit Pai, an advocate of deregulation and a critic of the government's network neutrality rules, as the next chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Why Netflix isn’t worried about GOP plans to weaken network neutrality

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take the Oval Office, one high-profile tech issue that many analysts are watching is network neutrality.

How a onetime ally of Comcast and AT&T turned the tables on industry

Once pilloried by consumer advocates and comedian John Oliver as a shill for big business, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler took many by surprise as he brought challenge after challenge to the dominance of the companies he on

‘I don’t intend to go crawl under a rock’: An exit interview with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

A Q&A with outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.

Why AT&T’s top execs are visiting Trump Tower

Top AT&T executives swept into Trump Tower Jan 12 for a discussion with President-elect Donald Trump's team that could include the telecommunication giant's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner.

Google’s parent has given up on one of its big, futuristic projects: Internet by drone

For years, companies like Facebook and Google have captivated audiences with the prospect of someday beaming Internet access down to earth from drones or satellites flying high above the ground.

WikiLeaks proposes tracking verified Twitter users’ homes, families and finances

WikiLeaks wants to start building a list of verified Twitter users that would include highly sensitive and personal information about their families, their finances and their housing situations.

AT&T says the FCC doesn’t need to review its Time Warner acquisition

AT&T is trying to ease its way out of scrutiny by the Federal Communications Commission over the wireless and TV giant's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner.