Brian Fung

In defense of Facebook’s newsfeed study

[Commentary] Did Facebook overstep its bounds when it ran a secret psychological experiment on a fraction of its users in 2012? That's the question at the heart of the most recent Internet firestorm.

The SCOTUS privacy ruling is accelerating lawmakers’ push for e-mail protections

Privacy-minded lawmakers are already capitalizing on an opening created by the Supreme Court when it unanimously ruled that police must have a warrant to search your cell phone.

What the Aereo decision means for TV watchers

The Supreme Court's ruling against Aereo is a huge deal — not because it'll upend the TV industry, as some may have hoped, but because of the disruption it won't cause.

AT&T: Buying DirecTV would cut our costs -- but probably not yours

Could an AT&T merger with DirecTV result in savings for consumers? Senate lawmakers pressed the two companies' chief executives on that question.

AT&T says merging with DirecTV would help it challenge Comcast. But how?

[Commentary] AT&T hit Capitol Hill to sell Congress on its proposed merger with DirecTV. Among its arguments? If the merger goes through, we can go head-to-head with Comcast.

What if the FCC is the wrong agency to handle net neutrality?

Is the Federal Communications Commission the wrong agency to handle matters of net neutrality and Internet openness? That's what some in Congress and elsewhere are suggesting.

The Supreme Court’s decision on software patents still doesn’t settle the bigger question

[Commentary] The Supreme Court's ruling on software patents dealt a blow to companies that want to patent abstract ideas -- a no-no under intellectual property law.

How New York could put a stop to Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable

Comcast's bid to win over regulators for its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable has mostly focused on Washington, where the cable company has testified before Congress, met with officials and given millions of dollars in political donations.

This one Supreme Court decision could upend the future of TV. Here’s what you need to know.

[Commentary] With June ticking away, the Supreme Court still has a handful of tech-related cases to decide. One is a case about software patents that could change the way businesses protect their intellectual property.

AT&T claims ‘strong’ net neutrality would actually ruin the Internet. That’s a big leap.

[Commentary] Advocates of an open Internet have for weeks been urging the Federal Communications Commission to re-label broadband as a utility -- a move toward "strong" network neutrality that would give the FCC much greater authority to ban contr