Andrew Schwartzman

Beware: The UHF Discount Is Rising From The Dead

[Commentary] The ultra high frequency (UHF) Discount is the zombie of media policy, likely to rise from the dead this week at the Federal Communications Commission’s April 20, 2017 meeting.

Why Radical Deregulation Is Happening So Fast At The FCC

[Commentary] President Donald Trump has moved quickly to use Executive Orders and other plenary powers to deliver on some of his major campaign promises on issues such as immigration, the Dakota Access pipeline and appointment of a conservative Su

Broadband Over Power Lines -- We Really Mean It This Time

[Commentary] When telecom engineers are shooting the breeze, they often use the phrase "Project Angel" as a punchline.

Globalstar's Christmas Present

[Commentary] On December 22, the Federal Communications Commission gave a satellite operator named Globalstar a Christmas present of sorts, along with a lump of coal.

The Trump FCC’s Toolkit For Deregulating Media and Telecommunications

Although there are many articles and blog posts discussing likely policy changes in the media and telecommunications space, it is far too early to know exactly when and what will happen at the Federal Communications Commission under the forthcomin

The Legal Underpinnings of The Prison Phone Call Debate

You may well have read about the Federal Communications Commission’s vote last August to cap rates for interstate phone calls placed by prison inmates.