Ali Breland

Chairman Wheeler to take job at the Aspen Institute

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler will be taking a job in communication policy at the Aspen Institute think tank after he steps down from the FCC.

Dems look for way forward on FCC nomination

President Barack Obama and Democrats are making a last-ditch try to get Jessica Rosenworcel back on the Federal Communications Commission. President Obama renominated Rosenworcel for a five-year term.

Five regulatory fights facing tech in 2017

Here are five regulatory fights the tech world will be watching closely in 2017.

FCC's 5 biggest battles for Trump's first year

Here are 5 looming fights for the Federal Communications Commission in President-elect Donald Trump's first year:
1. Network Neutrality: The fate of the agency's net neutrality rules will be the FCC's biggest fight of the year.

Tech groups warn against EU copyright rule

Tech trade groups penned a letter to US regulators warning against a European Union copyright proposal.

SoftBank touts first $1B investment as a part of pledge to Trump

SoftBank will invest $1 billion in One Web, a broadband access company based in Arlington (VA), as part of a pledge to President-elect Donald Trump to invest $50 billion in American companies.

Chairman Wheeler trades shots with Sen Ron Johnson

Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and Sen Ron Johnson (R-WI) traded barbs Dec 15 in the wake of Chairman Wheeler’s announcement that he would step down.

Facebook unveils new features to fight fake news

Facebook is rolling out new features to combat fake news on its platform, including flagging disputed stories, following a wave of criticism at the social media giant.

Ahead of Trump meeting, tech leaders prioritize civil liberties

A coalition of tech entrepreneurs and investors called for a “safeguarding of civil liberties”, ahead of a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

Lawmakers mull US role in AI technology

Lawmakers and experts voiced concerns Nov 30 about America’s future as a leader in artificial intelligence technology.